4 Awesome Mulch Playground Ideas

Homeowners know how important it is to take care of their landscaping needs. Beyond boosting and retaining your home’s value, landscaping can help everyone in the family enjoy the outdoors more.

The gardener in your home will have lush plants and your landscaping will be more beautiful and safe every day when you invest.

But investing in your home’s enjoyment doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

Many aren’t aware that you can make major improvements to your home by investing in mulching.

In fact, you can create a number of fun ideas for your kids. You can create a safe, fun mulch playground for your children.

We all know it’s important kids spend more time outside. Scientific research proves it.

Time Outside is Fun and Healthy

Want to give your kids the happiest childhood possible? We understand.

Experts suggest people need to spend more time outside for better health. Time outside is used to treat a variety of illnesses including depression and anxiety.

Children with ADHD who play outside in parks have milder symptoms than those who spend more time indoors.

We’ll help you get your kids outside having fun. We’ve put together some great ideas for creating a mulch playground.

Let’s make it great. Here goes:

1. Rubber For a Mulch Playground

Safety is the most important consideration for making your outdoor play area fun for kids. We all know when kids run and play they are prone to fall.

If your home playground includes swings and slides and things to climb on it can be even worse. Rubber mulch is soft and spongy, giving kids the perfect landing place for falls.

2. Sand

If you’re anything like us, your kids love going to the beach and running around like crazy. There’s nothing like a trip to the beach to wear them out and let everyone in the family get a good night’s sleep.

Using sand as a mulching option for your home playground gives these same benefits. Kids love playing in the sand.

Sand provides soft landings and something to dig and build with. Sand has drawbacks too though.

Younger children may eat sand. And if you have pets, they may like using sand too much.

You may be installing an outdoor cat box and creating another headache to clean up.

3. Cedar Mulch

The red color of cedar mulch is the perfect accent for playsets in the yard. It is natural and provides a springy surface for kids to play on.

While more expensive than other options, it is long lasting and fun.

Parents beware though: Some companies use dyes on other products and pass it off as cedar.

4. Install Mulch Walkways and Boundaries

You will want to use a larger surface than your children’s playground equipment for safety and play purposes. Another great idea is to use mulch walkways as boundaries around the play area.

Safety first means designating safe play places. Mulch walkways of a different color tell kids where it’s safe to play.

They’ll give you the peace of mind that your kids are having fun, safe, playtime outdoors. What could be better for the whole family?

Great For The Whole Family

Your whole family will enjoy the hours you and your kids spend in your new outdoor playground.

But mulch isn’t just for fun and safety. Applying mulch correctly can make your garden more beautiful and help your plants grow strong.

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